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Perigon Commercial is hiring 2-3 Commercial Real Estate Advisors.  If you are involved in the Commercial Real Estate industry, or are considering a move into a more self-directed career where you have the independence to see rewards that match your efforts, please consider talking with us.

We’re looking for independent-minded professionals, open to the challenge of growing or developing the necessary skills to build your own sustainable business in a fully supportive environment.  We are also looking for people that want to have an active voice in how things are done, with a mind for continuous improvement and opportunity beyond the daily transaction focus, and the flexibility to make that happen.  We are also looking for team members who can participate in executing our long-term vision, who can be enthusiastically dedicated to the hard work of creating a truly unique enterprise in a team with genuine accountability to a set of shared Values.

Perigon Commercial is a full-service commercial real estate brokerage offering a unique value proposition to our clients in the commercial real estate market.  Founded with accountability to a set of shared Values, our firm is committed to creating outstanding client value through the application of the principles of The Perigon Equation:

Accountability + Competence + Process Quality = Performance

Our Accountability Cycle links these pieces together and is the backbone of our organization.


Tasks and Responsibilities

With the full support of the firm, Advisors will carry on the activities of a Commercial Real Estate Associate in order to complete commercial real estate transactions for our clients.  An Advisor’s focus is on achieving a fully sustainable business practice that will support their goals.

Activities include:

  • Developing the full set of competencies required to achieve a performance level in completing commercial real estate transactions that will provide for maximum client value creation
  • Learning, interpreting, and communicating market data
  • Learning and making full use of the tools and systems provided in our “Tech Stack”
  • Business development and the solicitation of new listings or service engagements
  • Preparation of proposals, contracts, and marketing materials
  • Co-coordinating the viewing of properties and gathering complete property information
  • Transacting the sale or leasing of properties in accordance with the terms of listings or client mandates
  • such other services pertaining to the commercial real estate business as may be required

All of our Advisors are required to be licensed Commercial Real Estate Associates, and operate as independent contractors with the unparalleled freedom and flexibility to conduct their business as they see fit within our standard operating procedures.  However, this is a full-time role and Advisors are expected to commit their full resources to meeting our client’s objectives with a focus on client value creation.

Advisors will use our office as their primary base of operations, and will have the option to explore other independent working arrangements with sufficient experience and performance.

Required Skills

A broad range of interrelated skills is required to achieve success in creating client value.  Our competency-based training program, CRE SkillsTM, is designed to build on or develop these required core-competencies over time while you are engaged in your ongoing work or education requirements.  The core foundational and functional competencies that you will need to have or develop can be grouped into these categories:

  • Self Leadership
  • Organization
  • Authenticity
  • Client Focus
  • Communication
  • Synthesis
  • Quality Orientation
  • Deal Making

Within these categories are 36 specific core-competencies at 3 levels of demonstrated ability.

Our process quality system, CRE EnterpriseTM, is designed to provide transaction guideposts and milestones that eliminate missed opportunities, and leave room for the important relationship work that is fundamental to your success.


A Bachelors degree or relevant post-secondary diploma will provide a strong foundation for the development of competencies that will be required to achieve success in our industry.

Our proprietary competency-based training program, CRE SkillsTM, will deliver on-the-job competency development, as well as our CRE Knowledgebase and Mentorship programs.

We conduct our business in a regulated industry overseen by the Real Estate Council of Alberta (RECA).  As such, Advisors are required to complete the licensing and registration program for Commercial Real Estate Associates as mandated by RECA, as well as any ongoing education required by RECA from time to time.


Commercial Real Estate Brokerage is a fee-based (i.e.: commission-based) industry, with compensation deriving from fees earned on completed transactions.  Compensation is completely commensurate to time and effort dedicated to creating client value through the completion of real estate transactions.  There is no theoretical limit to earnings, though for practical purposes an experienced advisor could expect to earn in the low to mid 6-figure range, and higher or lower performance levels are possible.


The core Values that we are committed to being held accountable to, and that are the backbone for how we manage, and the lens through which our actions, decision and commitments are viewed, are these:

  • 100% Commitment to the Client
  • Care for Our Team
  • Service to Community
  • Consistent Authenticity
  • Commitment to Quality
  • Getting Results through Hard Work
  • Innovation in Client service
  • Respect

In our Team, we recognize that work is a part of life and can give us a chance at growth, achievement, development, and fun.  We deal with our team members as complete individuals, with their own goals, expectations, and potential.  We support them, inside or outside of the office, when they need it.

Our culture places character first, where everything else can be learned.

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