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A Commercial Real Estate Revolution


 [per-i-gon]  noun

  1. An angle that has achieved 360 degrees
  2. A complete angle
  3. A complete Revolution

Property Sales

In any market, our collaborative and broad market approach has proven to yield better results through maximum exposure and time-tested supply and demand principles.

Property Leasing

Our leasing approach is focused on a sense of urgency to reach the highest number of quality tenants in the shortest amount of time, using best-practice tools and processes.


With clarity on your acquisition plan, we’ll help you execute your portfolio strategy at the right balance of stable cash flow, upside and risk tolerance.

Buyer Services

If your goal is to build equity while you build your business, we can help you put the pieces together and find the best option.

Tenant Services

Working closely with you to understand your business goals, we’ll conduct a broad market search and coordinate a deal that is custom fit to your needs.


Whatever your question, we believe that an authentic, candid approach combined with detailed, expert analysis and market research can find the answer.


A Client Focused Value Chain

Using a systems-based approach to client service delivery


Transaction Quality Management

Through CRE EnterpriseTM, our system of process management and continuous improvement

Competency-based Performance

With CRE SkillsTM, our complete competency program


Values-based Accountability

An internal program of continuous alignment and feedback


Working for our client’s best interests is our number one Value and our top priority. Our commitment to finding ways to add value to them is authentic; it will dictate our every action and decision. 

We are accountable to this commitment. Our only measure of success will be whether we have achieved this goal, and our clients will be the ones to let us know if we have done that.

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