Commercial Real Estate Sales, Leasing and Strategy

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I started my career as an accountant with a well-respected commercial landlord and developer with a portfolio across Western Canada and the Northwest Territories.  I spent my time reading leases and translating them into financial terms, and working with property managers to develop operating budgets for their properties. I also did the project accounting for a major office/hotel Redevelopment on the west coast.

I moved on to grow a consulting company that would have offices in Alberta and British Columbia and worked with clients across western Canada and the western United States. We worked with our clients to implement automated solutions for their operations and back-office functions and spent a great deal of time understanding their business models and core processes. I worked with clients across every part of our economy, from oil and gas services to manufacturing, commodities trading and finance, lawyers and engineers, software and technology, agriculture, restaurants and bars.

This background served me well in developing a real estate practice focused on a deep understanding of my client’s business and needs. My first client deal was for a 55,000 square foot warehouse, and I have since worked with a wide range of clients, from multi-site International Fabricators to a single-person machine shop, from multi-floor office clients to a small daycare, from first-time investors to experienced portfolio holders and developers.

My work is based on client needs, not client size.  My Approach is to ask the right questions and explore every possibility and to give candid advice and deliver well-thought-out and creative solutions. My greatest resource is a client’s opinion, and I understand that the best measure of success is their confidence in knowing they received real value.